Blood spills

Blood Removal from carpet is a Health Issue & dangerous to the cleaner therefore requires Specialty treatment

Surface treatment using SUB surface tool- 'Water Claw, - On LARGER spills or spills that have had time to SOAK into the carpet - over 24 hours:

  • Pre inspect, contain & extract as much of blood spill as possible, using cold water.
  • Flood the blood spill affected area with a diluted Pre Spray Treatment to ensure that the carpet backing & underlay is treated (this is where the heaviest concentration of blood will be)
  • Let this dwell for 10 minutes
  • We will then EXTRACT the mix using a specialised 'WATER CLAW'
  • Flood the affected area with a specialised Odour Neutraliser that will counteract & neutralise organic materials so we allow it to dwell for 5 minutes
  • We will then apply shampoo & steam clean the area & extract the Neutraliser using the 'WATER CLAW'
  • Finally we treat area with a Decontaminate/Deodoriser. It will take 24-48 hours to thoroughly dry out the carpet, backing & underlay.
NB: We CANNOT guarantee full removal of blood because it has probably SOAKED through the underlay & carpet backing also, so when we EXTRACT blood UP through the carpet, as the carpet dries, sometimes residue from underneath the carpet backing or underlay WILL wick up again. Therefore, depending on the amount of blood that has soaked through, a second visit/treatment MAY or may not be necessary? Second visit WILL incur additional charges*.

Blood Spill Restoration charges
Call out fee* & treatment From $165 for 1st 30 minutes
Each additional 10 minutes $33
*Return visit/2nd treatment IF required? $132 for 1st 30 mins on site

*Call out fee includes 1st 30 mins Assessing, Extracting &/or Water Clawing Blood residue, Disinfecting, Steam Cleaning & Deodorising.

For further information please call Barrie or Debbie on 0418 245135 or 9948 9333 after 4pm.

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