How to Remove a Red Wine Spill

IF you spill a glass of RED Wine, you can try to REMOVE the stain yourself IMMEDIATELY by :

Apply a small amount of water or soda water to the area.
Dab area gently (working outside inwards) & soak up with white: towel/cloth/paper towel.
IF you are getting residue onto the cloth/towel the process is working.
Continue treatment until stain has dissipated.
Finally - Use an old white or pale towel that the colour will NOT run & put over area to soak up as much moisture as possible. Use heavy books to weigh down the towel.

Alternatively we can attend the property to:

Treatment - This method is effective when a spill/spots in a small area has been made, within the last 48 hours.

  • Pre inspect
  • Remove as much residue as possible
  • Prespray with a Specialty treatment
  • Let this dwell for 5 minutes
  • Rinse with cool water then steam clean area to remove any residue
  • If stain is not fully removed, repeat process
  • If required apply a specialty treatment
In cases of more than 1 glass spilt, that has had over 12 hours to penetrate into the carpet backing & underlay, a Sub-surface tool 'Water Claw' is used:
  • Pre inspect
  • Extract as much of red wine spill as possible, using cold water (so stain does not SET).
  • Flood the red wine spill affected area with a diluted Specialty Treatment & ensure that the carpet backing & underlay is reached. This is where the heaviest concentration of wine will have pooled. The red wine residue needs to be extracted out so that it will NOT wick up the carpet fibres as the carpet dries out.
  • Let this dwell for 5-10 minutes
  • We will then EXTRACT the mix using a subsurface tool - 'WATER CLAW' then Steam clean area to remove residue & Repeat treatment if necessary
    FULL Removal of your stain will depend on how long the stain has been on your carpet? What has been put on the carpet in an attempt to remove the stain? The type of carpet? Nylon, wool or mix etc
  • If stain is still present & YOU want us to proceed further, we can use heat transfer method
NB: We carry a large range of Stain treatments which covers FRESH: red wine, blood, coffee, urine, faeces, coffee & tea. However, a lot of people have 'Unrealistic Expectations'. If the ph of your stain has been altered over time, it is trial & error for us so we CANNOT guarantee FULL removal of any stain, but we will do our BEST to TRY to lighten &/or remove these stains. To 80-90% successfully remove a RED WINE spill, we MUST attend to the property within 48 hours of the stain occurring. Nothing but water/soda water should be used on the stain. Any other product applied to the stain WILL change the ph (chemical balance) of the stain & make it a lot tougher for us to attempt to remove it.

Red Wine Restoration charges
Call out fee* FROM $132 for 1st 20-30 minutes on site
Each additional 10mins $33

*Call out fee includes 1st 30 mins Assessing, Extracting/Water Clawing Red Wine residue then Steam Cleaning.

If we are performing a carpet &/or upholstery clean at the same time as YOU request the above Specialty treatment, it will take at least an additonal 20-30 minutes to perform. You will generally be charged an additional $55-$66 on top of the carpet/upholstery cleaning charge already quoted. For further information please call Barrie or Debbie on 0418 245135 or 9948 9333 after 4pm.

Colours like red, orange, yellow, old brown coffee or tea that have set over time, can be virtually impossible to remove.

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