Ceramic FLOOR Tile & Grout Clean

Do you want Qualified Professionals cleaning your Man made FLOOR Tiles? Barrie & I are BOTH fully trained & IICRC accredited in Hard Floor Cleaning. Barrie & I are your LOCAL Owner/Operators & we offer a Ceramic FLOOR Tiles Service. Tile & Grout Cleaning is just that, Cleaning, it will NOT repair your old/worn/chipped or mouldy tiles. Turbo Cleaning WILL remove excess build up of dirt & chemical residue (built up from previous cleaning solutions). Over time GROUT will wear away & lose some of its sealant & grout will go darker. It really depends on YOUR 'Degree of Tolerance'. Call Barrie on 0418245135 & speak to us about YOUR needs.

We perform the turbo cleaning System whereby we use 'High Pressure', Rotary Action & Advanced Extraction
8 Step Ceramic FLOOR Tile Cleaning Service where together Barrie & I will:
1. Pre inspect your Ceramic Floor Tiles for stains, damaged Tiles/Grout.
2. Prepare area by gently moving around MOVEABLE furniture
3. Remove loose soil by broom or vacuum
4. Pretreat area by applying a higher ph Alkaline cleaning solution by mop & let dwell for 10 minutes to loosen accumulated soil
5. Agitate any stubborn tile stains & GROUT with grout brush
6. Use SX-12 TURBO high pressure cleaning system (see SX-12 YouTube video below) before cleaning solution dries, by extracting soil & residue using a low ph cleaning solution to neutralise area.
7. IF needed, REPEAT steps 4, 5 & 6
8. Wipe around edges & dry off any excess moisture upon completion.
If needed we can replace moveable furniture.

The COST for Deluxe Ceramic Floor Tile Cleaning will vary due to:
1. the severity of Tile & Grout soiling, (which increases our TIME cleaning);
2. whether the property is furnished or clear of furniture (easier as the amount of MOVEABLE furniture etc that needs to be moved around increases our time spent on site.
3. the area being cleaned. Kitchen areas obviously have heavier soiling than a bathroom. However, a bathroom is more fiddly due to smaller confined areas & toilet etc. Therefore manual equipment also needs to be used more.

Please call 0418 245135 for a quote

Turbo Cleaning Outside Tiles & Grout with SX-12

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