Advanced Stain Treatment/Removal

Our 'DELUXE Steam Cleaning' process involves 'Pre treating, cleaning of: greasy spots, gum, sugary food spills & BASIC stain treatment of FRESH, (within 24-48 hours of spill), tea & coffee, etc. FRESH spills are more successful than older stains. After steam cleaning you may now be left with a Clean STAIN! 'Advanced Stain Removal' techniques WILL be required for the treatment of any older stain that does not come out: eg Red wine, coffee/tea, gatorade, curry, spaghetti, vomit etc. Stain Removal' will still depend on:
1. type of carpet,
2. how long the stain has been on the carpet (as a stains PH can change over time) &
3. what treatments have already been applied to attempt to remove the stain as some treatments can SET the stain.
After 'Deluxe Steam Cleaning' & basic treatment we will discuss your options. Depending on YOUR 'Level of Tolerance' you can decide on whether or not YOU want to proceed with 'Specialty Stain Treatment'.

A lot of people have 'Unrealistic Expectations' of stain removal. If the PH of your stain has been altered over time, it is trial & error for us so we CANNOT guarantee FULL removal of any stain, but we will do our BEST to TRY to lighten &/or remove these stains. To 80% successfully remove the majority of stains, we MUST attend to the property within 48-72 hours of the stain occurring! Nothing but water/soda water should be used on the stain because any other product WILL/MAY change the ph (chemical balance) of the stain & make it a lot harder for us.

Some stains can cause PERMANENT discolouration of Carpet Fibre or Upholstery Fabric due to Dye changes! Your decision to engage our 'Stain Treatment' services, will depend on several factors: Please ask yourself
1. Is your carpet WORTH the additional costs involved?
2. are you that worried about the stain?
3. is the stain in a noticeable position?
4. Is your carpet valuable?
5. is it a Rental property?
6. How OLD is the carpet?
NB: Urine stains on carpet are virtually impossible to remove - see 'Urine Treatment' page.

BEFORE - Coffee + soy milk 48 hours old stain


AFTER treatment - Coffee + soy milk stain


Image Unidentified Stain BEFORE Treatment

Image Unidentified Stain AFTER treatment

Advanced Stain Treatment charges

Call out fee* From $154
Each additonal 10 mins $33
A 'CALL out fee' of $66 will be payable whether or not you proceed.
*Includes 1st 30 minutes assessment/treatment. IF we are already performing a carpet &/or upholstery clean & YOU decide on the above treatment, it will take on average an additonal 10-30 minutes, until you are TOLERANT of the result, which may NOT be full removal? You will be charged an additional $33-$66 on TOP of the cleaning charge already quoted, so please think carefully.

'Advanced Stain Treatment' WILL be required for any 'Stubborn or aged' stains (that have been there a couple of days). Barrie & I have BOTH completed an 'Stain Removal' Course. 'Stains' are classed as what is left AFTER the carpet or upholstery has been steam cleaned eg 'RED stains' like gatorade, spaghetti, red wine, BLOOD, 'Brown stains' like 'Coffee or Tea', 'Orange or Yellow stains' like orange juice, curry, vomit. If you do not want 'Advanced Stain Treatment', there is NO pressure placed on you.
IF YOU do want us to apply 'Advanced Stain Treatment' we will discuss the options & COSTS with you BEFORE we proceed as we will need to spend some time performing 'Advanced Stain Treatment' by:
1. applying various chemicals, in a sequence; OR
2. using the 'Heat Transfer' method.
The application of these 1. 'chemicals' AND 2.'Heat Transfer' methods will BOTH take on average 10-15 minutes each main stain, as we have to give the chemical &/or heat, time to react with the stain/s.

You MAY be a tenant & you are worried & would like to attempt removal so you can get your $2000 bond back & the extra $66 to remove the ugly RED FRESH gatorade stain is worth it?? We want all parties to be happy with the result (including ourselves), but sometimes we cannot perform the impossible! Your best option is call us as soon as the spill/stain occurs, please do NOT wait 12 months, & then expect full removal.

We firstly need to TRY to 'Identify' the stain by asking YOU, or at least 'Categorise' the Stain into a group by colour, shape, smell, or feel. Is it sticky, hard or dry etc? If the stain transfers to a cloth or tissue, then it is probably an 'Oily stain' & we MAY be able to use a 'Solvent' soluble chemical to remove it. Many sugary or food stains may need extra shampoo treatment to remove stubborn soiling.

Unfortunately, when YOU try to remove the stain yourself, this MAY result in 'Setting the Stain' or changing the PH, which means it will make it more difficult & will take us more time to TRY to remove. We carry a large range of Stain treatments which covers : blood, gatorade, cordial, red wine, coffee, curry, spaghetti, sauce, urine, faeces, coffee & tea. Unfortunately a lot of people have 'Unrealistic Expectations'. If the PH of your stain has been altered over time, it is trial & error for us so we CANNOT guarantee FULL removal of any stain, but we will do our BEST to TRY to lighten &/or remove these stains.

NB: Colours like red, orange & yellow that have set over time, are virtually impossible to remove unless we use 'Advanced Stain Treatment' techniques.

Image Various colours transferred onto cloth from 'Advanced Stain Treatment' performed on lounge suite

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