Is your carpet eaten around the edges?

YEUK! Have YOU noticed eaten away carpet in dark secluded areas like under curtains etc? Feel free to go & check now. If the answer is YES, keep reading. Whenever I find that carpet has been EATEN away at, around the edges & in dark areas, I tell the client so that YOU can try to remedy the situation. Well, in the last few months I have been asked by SO MANY clients 'How do I get rid of Carpet beetle'? I have always told them 'To be honest I am not really sure'. After all, I am a carpet & upholstery CLEANING specialist technician. I am not a qualified pest controller.

Anyway, I decided I would find the time to find out some vital information to pass on to my clients. I have investigated & have now found that:
Carpet Beetle Lava feed on not only WOOL carpet (which is where they get their name from), but they also EAT all organic fibres & products which includes carpet, rugs, furniture, etc plus on any animal & human hair on these. They are most likely feeding RIGHT NOW! So lets get moving to remove carpet beetles from your VALUABLE furnishings! IF you have noticed eaten away areas in secluded carpet areas

The first step is to thoroughly vacuum fortnightly. This means you need to MOVE around as much furniture as humanly possible, like lounge suites & beds. Carpet beetle feed in DARK, secluded areas so they are most likely feeding under these items as they hardly ever get moved around.

Now I know why I ALWAYS want to move around ALL moveable furniture & vacuum thoroughly under beds & lounge suites, whenever we are performing DELUXE Steam cleaning jobs.

The second step is a thorough vacuum followed by steam cleaning your carpet, rugs, lounge suites & dining chairs. This procedure annually goes a long way in removing the majority of these carpet beetle PESTS! It will NOT remove them all though.

The 3rd step is that you MAY need to get a professional pest controller in to perform this role.

For further information on our Deluxe Steam Cleaning procedures, please call Barrie or Debbie on 0418 245135 or 9948 9333 after 4pm.

Liquid Soap or Shampoo spills will require Surface treatment using SUB surface 'Water Claw' tool:

Pre inspect
Contain & extract as much of spill as possible.
Flood the spill affected area with water to ensure that the carpet backing & underlay is treated (this is where the heaviest concentration of liquid soap/shampoo will be)
We will then EXTRACT using a specialised 'Water Claw'
Repeat treatment several times, until as much sightable residue as possible, is removed.

NB: We CANNOT guarantee full removal of liquid soap/shampoo as it has probably soaked THROUGH the carpet; carpet backing; & maybe the underlay? When we clean, the spill will continue to froth up as we extract as we suck the soap residue UP through the underlay, carpet backing & carpet using our sub surface tool or wand. As the carpet dries out, some residue from underneath the carpet MAY wick up again. Depending on the amount of soap that had seeped through, there is a slight chance that a second visit/treatment MAY be necessary? If left the carpet will resoil quickly, as soap attracts soil.

Liquid Soap/Shampoo Spill Restoration charges
Call out fee* & treatment From $165 for 1st 30 mins
Each additional 15mins $33
Return visit - 2nd treatment cost $143 for 1st 30 mins on site
*Call out fee includes 1st 30 mins Assessing, Extracting &/or Water Clawing soap residue & Steam Cleaning.

For further information please call Barrie or Debbie on 0418 245135 or 9948 9333 after 4pm.

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