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We AGREE on & ARRIVE on time & we guarantee to TRY our best to perform the BEST job possible. Our GOAL is to provide a 'High End' EXCEPTIONAL Quality Service & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction with NO Gimmicks!

I have heard many stories about tradespeople who do not answer your call or respond to your message as they do not call or text you back. Some tradespeople make an appointment & just dont turn up!!! If we do not answer your call to our mobile immediately, it is because: We are working or driving & cannot hear the mobile, OR we are in the middle of a detailed job with a client. Please be assured we will TRY to call you or text you back within the hour OR we WILL will call you back between 3pm & 5pm.

Its YOUR choice - Use the 'BEST' or TRY the Rest! IF you are choosing a carpet &/or upholstery cleaner on the CHEAPEST price, please do NOT call us as we are both owner/operator, qualified technicians that care! We prefer to only perform Quality DELUXE service work, at a suitable price. There are lots of cheap carpet cleaners that will do or say anything to get YOU to use them. Anyone can buy a steam cleaning machine & start carpet & upholstery cleaning! But are THEY qualified? 'You get what you pay for'. If WE sound like what you are looking for in a carpet & upholstery cleaning technician, call us so we can discuss your needs with you or email us details below.

Please see our 'Price List Page' before contacting us. Quality work with Certified technicians is the same as seeing a 'Specialist'. We are EXPERTS in our profession. OUR Quote includes 1, usually TWO Certified 'Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Technicians' on site. As EVERY job is different, when YOU contact US, we will ask you several questions, so that we can determine an accurate QUOTE based on the information that YOU provide to us. The cost will be based on the Knowledge, Qualifications, Workmanship & Equipment used by ourselves.

Please do not assume that we can work MIRACLES on every carpet, EVERY time. We MAY not be able to remove stains that have been there a while. We will certainly give it a try, but realistically we are NOT always successful. Some stains will require additional treatment & will take us TIME to ATTEMPT to LIGHTEN & TRY to remove the stain.

As you can appreciate, EVERY carpet clean is different. You may have the same spill as your friend eg 'a glass of Red wine soaked into the carpet'. However, NO two carpet spill/stains will ever have the same stain properties. We need to take into account many factors including:
1. Do you know WHAT the stain is? eg animal urine
2. TIME a spill/stain has been on the fibre,
3. the reaction it has had with YOUR carpet fibre,
4. if any treatment has been applied by yourself or a family member?
When we arrive at your property we will discuss various scenarios & any additional costs that MAY be involved. Please understand that we are trying to perform the BEST possible stain technique treatment for you. We are NOT trying to make extra money! You may not be worried about the look of your old urine stains & you do NOT want us to perform any additional treatments, OR you would like us to minimise the odour associated? Please be specific with us as to how far you want us to go, as these type of treatments take time to try to remedy.

We live in Seaforth & have proudly serviced all Northern Beaches, Lower & North Shore suburbs for over 16 years! including Seaforth, Clontarf, Balgowlah, Fairlight, Cromer, Allambie, Frenchs Forest, Davidson, Belrose, Elanora Heights, Avalon, Mosman, Lindfield, Killara, Killarny, Balmoral, Cremorne, Cammeray, Castle Crag, Pymble, Wahroonga & more.

For an faster response quote, please call Barrie or myself on 0418 245135.

NB: As I am working on site, your email will generally not be replied to until after 3pm most days.


To enable us to perform a more through job, in preparation for your carpet clean, please remove any rugs NOT being steam cleaned, & as many smaller furniture items as possible, pot plants, side tables etc onto non carpetted surfaces, & remove any toys, clothing etc off your carpet.

BEFORE Steam Cleaning


AFTER Steam Cleaning


We do NOT 'BAIT & Switch' A lot of CHEAPER companies do 'Bait & Switch' (give you a LOW price over the phone, then UP the price on arrival!). Also, most do NOT vacuum your carpet before steam cleaning so please ask if the technician vacuums when you call them for a quote. You ultimately 'get what you pay for'!

After 6pm 8964 7965

Local Owner/Operator Husband & Wife IICRC trained professionals
Deborah Hodge ID 96912
Barrie Hodge ID 118645
Through IICRC we have pledged to perform our services with Skill, Honesty & Integrity to provide our clients with the highest degree of professionalism possible. Quality service with NO upsells! Fully Insured Local Expert team in Carpet, Upholstery, Leather, Tile Cleaning & Water Damage Expert Technicians. For 43 Reviews

We Agree on & Arrive on time
We guarantee to TRY our best!

Our PRIORITY is Customer Satisfaction! Over 16 years LOCAL experience - Northern Beaches, Lower & North Shore.



Cleaning carpet at clients house

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TRUCKMOUNT or Portable used.


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