Surface Freshen up Rug Cleaning - Deluxe On-Site

Dirt is ABRASIVE so it WILL damage your Carpet/RUG if it is NOT removed!

It is CRUCIAL that ALL Rugs are THOROUGHLY vacuumed BEFORE they are steam cleaned, as they HOLD & HIDE a LOT of embedded dirt. IF they are not thoroughly vacuumed first, dirt that is DEEP in the carpet fibres WILL wick up as the RUG fibres dry. Regular weekly vacuuming is CRUCIAL to extend the life of your RUG. Regular STEAM cleaning with a rinsing/neutralising agent, will leave your Rugs Clean & Soft.

A lot of people say '$121 but I only paid $400 for my rug! Fair enough, but how many years ago did you buy the rug? IF you feel you can research & find a suitable replacement for your 3-10 year old rug for cheaper than our mobile service, go for it! Please bear in mind that to replace your soiled rug, you will need to spend time researching a new rug - colour, type, texture, feel etc then travel around looking at various rugs until you find a suitable rug that suits YOUR needs. You will then buy & arrange to transport the new rug to your premises, usually via a delivery fee, & then organise to dispose of your old, dirty rug!

We have an easier solution. We are professionals that provide a MOBILE service. We spend our TIME driving to your premises at an agreed suitable time. We then set about trying to work our magic on your rug to give you the BEST restoration result possible. Therefore, we will charge you on the TIME & equipment etc needed to give your sentimental rug the best cleaning result possible after years of traffic use, in ground dirt, spills, kids & pets use, etc.

On site we can only perform a 'Freshen up' clean as we can only bring LIMITED portable equipment.
We can perform a thorough clean of 75% of GENERAL household Nylon/Synthetic & some wool rugs at your premises.
8 Step 'On-Site Deluxe Rug Service' to SURFACE wash FRESHEN up General rugs. We:
1. Pre inspect your RUGS for spots, permanent stains, worn areas etc.
2. Gently MOVE any moveable furniture that is on the Rug
3. Perform a thorough vacuum using our industrial strength Upright Dyson 'Beater Bar' Vacuum, with High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter to remove 60-70% of dry soil, dust mites & airborne particles
4. Prespray with Non Toxic shampoo
5. Treat spots/stains by gently agitating carpet fibres to lift in-ground soil
6. Steam Clean with a Fine Fabric Rinse added to remove soil, spots, steam cleaning products, to minimise browning, SOFTEN & neutralise (retard resoiling of) your Rug.
7. Deodorise.
8. Groom RUG fibres
NB: IF your rug is heavily soiled we MAY also need to rotary scrub 1st.

HOWEVER, rugs that are delicate like Silk or have colours that MAY run like Persians, Orientals, Tibetans, OR SHAG rugs that hold an immense amount of dirt SHOULD be cleaned at a RUG factory. Yes, it is more expensive than an on site service, but you will get a much better result. We can provide this pick up & delivery service.
NB: If your rug has a latex backing, there is an 80% chance it may perish when bathed at the rug factory.

AVERAGE Cost for Deluxe 'Freshen Up ON Site' RUG Service

MINIMUM Call out fee/steam clean 1 rug - From $121
However, cost is REDUCED if we are already on site performing a carpet or upholstery clean $22-$33 per m2
*Persian look or Woollen or SHAG rug $33-$44 per m2
*ON SITE cleaning of Persian look, thick Woollen or SHAG rugs can only remove 60-70% of soil, as they hold an immense amount of hidden soil! They all need to be vacuumed 4-6 times, which takes additional time.

We CANNOT clean the 'Cotton pale fringes' of rugs 'On site' as they NEED Specialised HAND treatment so for a thorough clean these types are REQUIRED to be taken to our Rug Factory.

Please see 'Rug Factory Service page' for prices & procedures

Please call us for a more accurate quote, as the cost is determined by:
How many spots/stains need to be treated? Colour, Size, Type of Fibre & pile.

We will treat ALL Rug spots & stains BUT stain removal CANNOT be guaranteed. We will GUARANTEE that we will TRY our best to remove your spots/stains & that we will perform the HEALTHIEST 'Freshen up' RUG clean possible!

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