Faeces Decontamination/Treatment

Please do not feel embarassed as accidents happen! It could be your dog, cat, toddler, or an elderly person? Depending on your 'Tolerance level' we will ATTEMPT to remove the majority of the associated odour & to LIGHTEN or remove the stain. We CANNOT guarantee full removal of STAIN, as the carpet fibres MAY have already been permanently dyed, due to: diet, treatment already performed, time, etc. The process below can be time consuming depending on the degree of soiling, length of time the soiling has been on the carpet & the type of carpet, etc.
We Guarantee to TRY our BEST.

We have experience in faeces treatment/removal & we are fully equipped to perform the task. Our process is:
1st we pre inspect & assess the soiled area
Apply shampoo to the affected area with a diluted disinfectant
Extract off via hot water extraction method with truckmount or portable machine
Apply stain treatment to area
Let this dwell for a couple of minutes
We will then EXTRACT off via hot water extraction again
Repeat steps 4 to 6 if needed.
Deodorise the affected area.

Faeces Decontamination Restoration charges

Call out fee including steps 1 to 8 above From $165 for 1st 30 mins
Each additonal 10 mins $33

IF we are performing a carpet &/or upholstery clean at the same time as YOU request the above treatment, it will take an additonal 20-30 minutes to perform faeces treatment, so you will be charged an additional $66-$99 on TOP of the cleaning charge already quoted.

For further information or for a quote/booking, please call Barrie or Debbie on 0418 245135 (or 9948 9333 after 4pm).

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