Deluxe Pigmented/Sealed/Finished Leather - HAND Clean

We only perform cleans on PIGMENTED/SEALED/Finished/Protected Leather furniture.

PIGMENTED - known as Sealed or Protected leather has been treated, spray painted & sealed to protect the leather hide. It has a thick layer of protective coating applied which slows down staining from spills, but grain patterns still show through. Coffee & wet spills will not absorb easily. If you want a THOROUGH clean & protection of your valuable PIGMENTED/Sealed leather furnishings then our process is:

Inspection - Pre Inspect your leather for spots/stains, rips, fraying etc.

Procedure - Remove any loose cushions & Dry Vacuum &/or soft polish any fabric areas/linings & any hard to get at places (between seats, edges etc).

Treatment - HAND Shampoo
1. Apply leather solution in a circular motion to gently agitate heavily soiled areas
2. Agitate with a soft bristled brush or microfibre cloth or pad
3. Leave for 5 minutes then wipe off with DRY towel, if needed.
NB: Soiled or White/Pale coloured lounges, the above steps WILL need to be performed several times, to obtain an optimum result. Once we are happy with the result we will then apply:

Mid/darker colours Treatment - Condition
Apply Conditioner in small even circular strokes, until all areas have been coated & buff with towel.

WHITE or Pale colours Treatment - Protection
Apply Protector/conditioner in small even circular strokes, until all areas have been coated & buff with towel.

If any additional specialty treatment needs to be performed like STAIN treatment/attempted removal of stains like coffee, blue or other coloured jean/clothes dye, ink or fake tan solution etc, additional costs will be discussed. We also hand clean Leather car seats.

Cleaning of PIGMENTED Leather lounge suites are very labour intensive & PALE colours show more soil. We guarantee to TRY our BEST. We cannot guarantee stain removal as SOME Pale or Cream leather lounge chairs MAY be permanently stained & may have an extremely heavy build up of soil. We cannot make older chipped leather lounges look new. We can only make them clean.

For Leather cleaning prices please see 'Price List Page'

We CANNOT clean : Aniline, Semi Aniline, Nubuck or Suede as they WILL permanently stain as they absorb eg body sweat, spills, etc IMMEDIATELY!

1. Aniline - All REAL leather start as Aniline Leather, which is the highest quality leather. The PREMIUM top side of the animal hide is used. It is treated then submerged into dye to change its colour, but grain patterns show through. Absorbs Water, stains & spills immediately.

2. SEMI Aniline - as above, but has a thin layer of protective coating applied to slow down staining.

3. Nubuck - Suede look - buffed & Brushed to create a soft nap. Absorbs Water, stains & spills immediately.

Specialty Leather Repairs like stain treatment, repairing rips, tears - We are in the process of learning how to perform minor repairs like cuts or splits. We have learnt how to insert a backing sheet, fill the gap then recolour the damaged area with colour touch ups. However, we are still learning how to mix up colours more precisely. The result will never be perfect, but it will extend the life of your lounge suite. Peeling leather is a result of various reasons: through manufacture faults, bad aggressive cleaning methods, hair grease, etc.

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