Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning-Steam &/or Encapsulation? 'High End' Upholstery Cleaning Service, Committed to Excellence

We AGREE on & ARRIVE on time & we guarantee to TRY our best to perform the BEST job possible. Our GOAL is to provide a 'High End' EXCEPTIONAL Quality Service & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction with NO Gimmicks!
IF you want Experienced QUALIFIED Professionals cleaning your valuable upholstery Barrie & I are BOTH fully trained & IICRC accredited in Upholstery Cleaning. Crown is also a member of 'Specialised Cleaning Restoration Industry Association' - SCRIA. We will clean your valuable furnishings to the best of our knowledge & ability & we will ATTEMPT to remove spots/stains & spills & restore your lounge suite. However, many PALE lounge suites MAY have PERMANENT damage due to: water stains, sun fading, spills, age of suite, mould, which we cannot remove OR sweat & body oils stains (usually on the arms & headrest area) that we may only reduce.

All PALE/White/Beige coloured including Microsuede/microfibre fabric 4-5 seater lounge suites will take a couple of hours to steam clean. If you are only cleaning your PALE lounge suite to remove the stains, please think carefully! because IF your lounge is PALE & STAINED, you are probably wasting your money! When steam cleaning spills/stains that have soaked into the cushioning over time WILL wick up, so we can only guarantee that we will do our BEST! Your lounge suite will be clean & healthy, BUT probably STILL STAINED! We are highly trained Upholstery cleaners & we want a good to great result every time, BUT realistically this MAY NOT happen!

Lounge suites - time consuming process - Steam &/or Encapsulation method:
1. Pre Inspect - your lounge suite for: soiling, permanent water stains, rips, fraying, sun fading, spots/stains, sweat & body oils, aged mould (permanent), possibility of colour run, then open your cushions to check on hidden fabric problems, etc.
2. Consult - We will then discuss & bring to your attention any staining, soiling or worn areas that we feel may be permanent & any other problems that we can visibly foresee. Discuss with you which method we think would be best suited to the type & colour of fabric.
3. Prepare Upholstery fibres - THOROUGH Vacuum between seats, base etc with HEPA filter to remove 70% of DRY soil, most hair, food etc (including crevices & hard to get at places). Use lint remover to remove many animal hairs embedded in fabric.
4a. Treatment Steam
a. Pre spray with HOT emulsifying (non toxic) Shampoo OR Fine Fabric Shampoo for pale colours or delicate fabrics.
b. Pre TREAT & softly agitate upholstery fibres to attempt to lift any spots, stains & in-ground sweat, body oils & soil.
c. Steam Clean with PORTABLE machine* with Rinse added that Neutralises upholstery fibres, inhibits browning & removes soil & cleaning products - and/OR
4b. Treatment - Encapsulation
a. Pre spray with warm Encapsulation Fine Fabric Shampoo
b. Pre TREAT & softly agitate upholstery fibres with mitt or portable agitator with pad to assist in lifting spots, stains & in-ground sweat, body oils
d. Vacuum up any dry soil if needed
5. Deodorise & Groom - Deodorise & gently rub over each base (time consuming process), cushion seat, back & arms to preen the fibres. IF you have a PALE coloured lounge, we MAY use a turbo dryer on it, while we clean, to speed up drying.

DELUXE Professional Upholstery Steam &/or Encapsulation Service PRICE see 'Price List Page'
Price will VARY if FIXED cushions, as only the top & sides need cleaning? OR LOOSE cushions as both front, back, & sides will need cleaning, so it will take longer to steam clean. - 1st two same fabric scatter cushions complimentary.

Microsuede is Microfibre that is woven to LOOK like real suede, it REPELS water, BUT once a SPILL/STAIN has soaked in, it is almost impossible to remove the water stain or tide mark.

NB: Some fabrics MAY experience slight stretching, due to the elasticity in the fibre & the pressure applied to steam clean & remove soil/stains. This SHOULD settle down after a few days use.
NB: We do not generally steam clean Velvet fabric lounge suites, as they require specialty grooming techniques.

Deluxe Upholstery References - Some of our Success stories!

REPEAT client Jane from Fairlight said 'Debbie & Barrie are EXCEPTIONAL. The tough STAINS that we HAD on our 5 seater cream lounge suite from kids, pets, entertaining & general liviing were AWFUL. To see the results that Debbie achieved were truly unbelievable! Thank you CROWN for making our Living room Fresh & Clean.

Repeat client Rebecca from Collaroy (who runs her own cleaning business) was SO thrilled when she got home to find her off white lounge (see below) that was stained from kids, spills etc looking almost NEW! She sent us a THANK YOU text!

Unfortunately we CANNOT GUARANTEE such fantastic results, as per below EVERY clean! There are many factors to consider, including the type of fabric & length of time spills/stains have been left to set on your lounge suite.

Image Repeat client Rebecca from Collaroys Cream lounge suite Before Deluxe Steam Clean

Image Repeat client Rebecca from Collaroys Cream lounge suite AFTER Deluxe Steam Clean

Image DIRTY arm of lounge suite BEFORE cleaning

Image CLEAN arm of lounge AFTER cleaning



Image Dirty lounge Before cleaning

Image Lounge AFTER Cleaning process




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We Agree on & Arrive on time
We guarantee to TRY our best!

Our PRIORITY is Customer Satisfaction! Over 16 years LOCAL experience - Northern Beaches, Lower & North Shore.



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TRUCKMOUNT or Portable used.


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